Sunday, 10 June 2007

skyenocturnus - 'King of the Gloaming' for May 2007

I am very pleased to annouce the most blogged member of Scotland in the Gloaming for the month of May 2007 is…

- May's 'King of the Gloaming'.

Well done skyenocturnus! Thank you very much for your contribution to the outstanding standard of imagery that makes up the group pool.

I asked skyenocturnus to share a little of the background on his photography.

1. Below is his personal favourite gloaming photo which was featured on the blog in May.

Moll view I

2. Tell us a little about how you shot the photograph, the location, what particular aspects attracted you, anything special you did to get the shot and any comments about the Scotland In The Gloaming group.

This was taken from the Moll road, near Sconser on the Isle of Skye, looking North up the Sound of Raasay towards Ben Tianavaig and the Trotternish Ridge. I've been taking shots from here for years - I just love the horizon profile. Aside from this, I like the colours and simplicity of the image.

The image was captured on Velvia using a Canon EOS 650 (sadly now suffering from an intermittently sticking shutter, but kept just for IR film) at 28mm and f.8. I spot metered from just above the horizon and reduced this exposure by half a stop to improve saturation.

Scotland in the Gloaming - it's nice to be associated with a group of people who appreciate that a scene often improves after the sun has set.

That is an amazing shot (reminds me of some I got on a similarly saturated evening over the Clyde). The colour range is just so full it's like you can't quite appreciate the whole picture all at once. A very good representative of your other atmospheric twilight shots. Definitely deserving of the Scotland in the Gloaming blog. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Colin Campbell

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