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Mark Ferrier & David mould - Joint 'Kings of the Gloaming' for December 2007

I am very pleased to announce the most blogged member of Scotland in the Gloaming for the month of December 2007 is…a tie:

Mark Ferrier
& ouldm01 - both December's 'Kings of the Gloaming'.

Well done gents - a double feature this month. Thank you very much for your contribution to the outstanding standard of imagery that makes up the group pool.

I asked Mark & David to share a little of the background on their favourite gloaming shots from December.

Mark Ferrier

Christmas Eve Sunset

Well folks looks like we need to cut the crown in half this month!

Well done ouldm01 though mind am not sitting on your knee so I reckon Colin might need to buy two Gloaming throne's

I would like to take this chance to thank all those that have supported and inspired me here on flickr land!

This is one of my favourite shots from last year!

The shoot on Christmas Eve was down at my usual haunt on Troon's shoreline just me a couple of beers supplied by my good lady and my camera! The tide was just heading out leaving the rocks with that nice wet look I wandered round a bit looking for some good stones and waiting for the sun to get lower finally I set up with my trusty Benbo Tripod. I shot with a Sigma 10-20mm which is fantastic for this type of photography I also used a Cokin ND Grad to help balance out the exposure. I shot this at a high aperture so that I could bump the shutter speed up to capture the movement of the water timing my shots with the incoming waves shooting as the water was heading back out to sea.

Colin Campbell: I figured I'd just let you both fight it out Mark…you'll just have to take turns and share like good boys. *wags finger*

And David, not many people get to say they're on a par with Mr Ferrier, so… ;o)

Mark I can appreciate that shot being your favourite. It's the result of many hours of refining and distilling superb technique and there's not a weak spot across the whole span of technical and aesthetic check boxes; there are no slack areas in the composition, timing is well considered, the field of focus is sharp from foreground to background, tonal range is delicate enough to reveal the detail and maintain the atmosphere of the shot. Thanks for continuing to push the Scotland in the Gloaming quality bar higher - we're privileged to get to enjoy your photography.

David Mould (ouldm01)

Sunrise  Lothian Farm

Thanks problem sharing the throne.. honoured, in fact!

This shot was the taken on a trip to Forth Rail Bridge, I decided to try the back roads on the way home.. it is on a back road out of Linlithgow, and just at the back of this farm is the main railway line between Edinburgh / Glasgow,
timing was important as I wanted 3 exposures as i had recently purchased photomatix, and dont understand how to bracket yet.. the weather was changing and the clouds pretty fast.. as was the odd train.. f4.. and 1/6th.1/8th, 1nd 1/15th.. combined subtly developed into this capture... I am pleased with it because it was not planned and an unexpected bonus that turns up on days that may be slow.. the stuble in the fields leads the eye very well, and looks like waves on a sea...
I am very proud to be part of the Scotland in the gloaming blog as I think the quality and high standard of the work shows how beautiful our country looks, it is one of the best blogs on flickr... keep shooting guys and gals, Scotland is at its best early... and late!!

Colin Campbell: David the stand out shots often turn up when you least expect them it's true. You took a brave decision compositionally and it works really well. The field dominating the foreground is completely engaging. The undulating contours within the portrait frame increase the tension leading to the ominous background and lends a pensive mood to the shot.

Perhaps you don't realise but what you were doing was bracketing. The HDR technique achieves a uniformity of tone that a filtered shot would not execute quite so subtly in this case and the flourish of golden orange increasing to the right is balanced by the increasing silhouette of the buildings to the right as well which maintains an even emphasis over the whole shot. A well composed and subtly executed piece. First rate gloaming. The blog's only as good as those who contribute so thank you for being a part of it. Well done both.

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