Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Alpenglow on Knoydart from Armadale

I got this just a few hours ago, after enjoying a walk to the very end of the Sleat peninsula on Skye. Yesterday and today, we have had continuous sunshine! Combined with a sharp frost that has lingered all day long, so I am happy with that !!! So much nicer than grey leaden skies and howling gales and torrential rain of the past SEVERAL weeks! The forecast is for it to continue, fingers crossed!

This was taken just after the sun was setting to my right, I was in deep shadow, but I spotted the magenta light on the distant hills of the Knoydart peninsula, a rather wild and wonderful place. It was not easy to get to my vantage point, the rocks were covered in ice, then there were big heaps of slippery and wet seaweed to clamber over, with hidden rocks underneath. I got wet footed, and cold, but I could care less, I got my shot of the day. I would have preferred some clouds in the sky, but is that not the photographer's lament? Nothing is ever perfect…Could have been better… LOL !!

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