Monday, 28 September 2009

Angry Laig 01

Angry Laig 01, originally uploaded by PaulArthurPhotography.

Cleadale, Isle of Eigg.

Richard Childs I think called this the Angry Place, and I'm afraid that this composition is nothing new. Having spent a few days in bed with the flu, I decided when I spotted this that I would take this image rather than run around like a loony trying to find something that wasn't there.

It proved to be a good call since the following day I spent five hours here and came away with nothing.

You couldn't take this image on a digital due to the amount of flare that you would get from the lens. This lens has four bits of glass. On top of that, I pointed the lens directly at the sun and then moved the back to get the composition I wanted. No flare for me!

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