Friday, 18 January 2013

The Gloaming

The Gloaming by scott masterton
The Gloaming, a photo by scott masterton on Flickr.

Not sure why I've never posted this shot before, it's got everything I love in it: the most beautiful woman in the world, a stunning gloaming sky, snow covered Scottish mountains...

I'm quite passionate about what the gloaming is... so for those that aren't sure... this is what the gloaming looks like, it's not just sunset, sunset is sunset, the gloaming is something different, it's a special light, that almost glows with an ethereal quality of peace and tranquility :o)

Those mountains are actually several miles in the distance are really quite big, the sense of scale is a little bit skewed.

As ever, thanks for looking and thanks for your comments, always appreciated.

– Scott Masterton


lopez said...

I like this one !! where is? glance¿¿?? I love your blog and your pictures ! good work !!

lopez said...
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