Thursday, 7 February 2013

Last light, a winters eve

Last light, a winters eve by Ally Mac
Last light, a winters eve, a photo by Ally Mac on Flickr.

"Sunset from Kinlochleven, The Highlands, Scotland

From my trip last week up to Scotland; I'd not taken the camera out that bag on the previous day. The light was that grim. So after a fairly acceptable sunrise and the forecasts looking rubbish for the following days I reckoned this would be my last opportunity.

As I began my ascent from the shores of Loch Leven a band of cloud was moving in from the East. The battle was on. What would happen first? Would the clouds move too far West by sundown obscuring the the sunset resulting in a wasted hike or would they light up with some magical light.

After reaching my vantage point and sitting around and enjoying my hot flask and a bite to eat for a couple of hours it looked like we were in for the latter. Three other walkers had already gone past on their way home and I had what felt like all the highlands to myself. The snowcapped hill tops, a brisk Scottish wind and suddenly the magical elusive light."

– Alasdair McIntosh

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Babzy said...

amazing view ,efforts are rewarded :)