Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bridges Pre Dawn

Bridges Pre Dawn, originally uploaded by Duncan_Smith.

Winter Evening on High

Winter Evening on High, originally uploaded by Richard Childs.

4.30 pm. February. 3800 feet up. The long descent in the dark with axe and crampons was far preferable to staying high as the temperatures dropped to minus 20.

The view south includes Stob Gabhar, Stob Binnean and Ben More (Crianlarich).

Nikon with 200mm lens.

Moonlight Mile

Moonlight Mile, originally uploaded by IGourlay.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Change to daily post frequency - let us know what you think

Hello gloaming fans. I am increasing the number of daily posts to 3 as an experiment this next week as we are getting a lot more gloaming than normal thanks to the volcanic ash in the atmosphere (one good effect of that I guess) so let us know how this sits with you guys. Is 3 a day too much/too little? I don't want to clog up people's daily internet viewing too much which is why we've kept the posts to 2 a day until now.

I will keep it to 3 a day or change it back to 2 based on the verdict in the comments to this post so get your vote in if you have an opinion and thanks for following the blog.

Colin Campbell
Scotland in the Gloaming Blog Admin

Luskentyre Pastel

Luskentyre Pastel, originally uploaded by chris_thomson_1274.

Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash, originally uploaded by Peter1297.

This was the effect on the atmosphere after the volcanic eruption on Iceland. Photographed on Irvine beach.

Daffodils at Sunset

no 15 - daffs at sunset, originally uploaded by Eddie the E.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010