Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Alba by Seònaid
Alba, a photo by Seònaid on Flickr.

Alba is the Gaelic word for Scotland but It is a name with several meanings in different languages, for example, as a Catalan, Italian or Spanish word, it means "sunrise." These are sunrise shots taken from the garden last week during some glorious November weather!

Loch Flemington

Loch Flemington by freeskiing
Loch Flemington, a photo by freeskiing on Flickr.

Too late!

Too late ! by Sir Clicksalot
Too late !, a photo by Sir Clicksalot on Flickr.

Dumbarton, Scotland.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Pittenweem Sunrise

Half term by Stuart Stevenson
Half term, a photo by Stuart Stevenson on Flickr.

Back from a lovely break in the East Neuk of Fife for the school half term. Coincided with some cold, but clear weather. This was one of the nicest mornings of the week, taken approaching the harbour in the charming fishing village of Pittenweem.

Strathlene pool sunset

strathlene pool sunset by chrisj_abz
strathlene pool sunset, a photo by chrisj_abz on Flickr.

Buckie, Scotland.

St Monans Harbour at Dusk

St Monans Harbour @ Dusk by Kit Downey
St Monans Harbour @ Dusk, a photo by Kit Downey on Flickr.