Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Waverley Digital Roll End

digital roll end by David Cation
digital roll end, a photo by David Cation on Flickr.

Back in the days of film the first shot out of the can usually had some interesting light flare.

The paddle steamer Waverley heads towards the solar flare of the setting sun over Dunoon, so here is an attempt here to re-create roll end flare digitally in camera.

Cloch Point, Gourock - May 2013.


Fidden by Mario Cugini
Fidden, a photo by Mario Cugini on Flickr.

Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Lost Horizon

Lost Horizon by GregDouglas
Lost Horizon, a photo by GregDouglas on Flickr.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Beach Huts - Hopeman

Beach Huts - Hopeman by Michael~Ashley
Beach Huts - Hopeman, a photo by Michael~Ashley on Flickr.

"Would be a sin to leave Hopeman without grabbing a shot of the colourful beach huts.

They are owned by the community council and cannot be sold for profit, this means they are like gold dust and very rarely become available - apparently a 10-15 year waiting list for one." – Michael Carver

What A Place To Wildcamp

What A Place To Wildcamp by Mayhem1010
What A Place To Wildcamp, a photo by Mayhem1010 on Flickr.

"Had a wild camp on the Bealach between Ruadh Stac Mor and A Mhaighdean in September 2012. As well as a very atmospheric evening we were treated to a fab sunrise and clear morning on A Mhaighdean." – Mickey