Friday, 30 July 2010

November's Glow

November's glow, originally uploaded by ßlϋeωãvε.

On the horizon are the 'mainland hills' - Scotland's Highlands.

Shades of Wester Forret

Shades of Wester Forret, originally uploaded by corinne mills.

Love Love Love Love

Love Love Love Love, originally uploaded by Ben-e-boy.

Another shot from Monifeith Last week, these tyres are covered at High Tide, I thought they went well with the ripples in the sand :)

Cokin Hard Grad.

Monifeith, Angus.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Evening Light Ardarroch

Kintra Sea Cliff

Kintra Sea Cliff, originally uploaded by michaelgcumming.

Taken during our recent holiday to Mull. It rained (and blew a gale) a lot of the time but it did clear up one evening. This is a long exposure with the big stopper at dusk looking north-west. Was slightly hindered in what I could do and where I could position myself having forgot my tripod and was having to make do with a £26 cheapo plastic tripod bought from an ironmonger in Tobermory. Better than nothing though.

Was a magical evening, maybe the best I've seen when I've been out with my camera. To top it off, when I had finished a couple of seals appeared about 10m away from this shot and started to play, amazing!

94 secs, 12mm, f/8 ISO 200

River Clyde South

River Clyde South, originally uploaded by Fudgie81.

The BBC Scotland HQ and Glasgow Science Centre on the River Clyde in Glasgow.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fairlie Gloaming III

Fairlie Gloaming III, originally uploaded by dunard54.

Another Sunset

another sunset, originally uploaded by glasgae.

Haaf Netter in the Gloaming

Haaf Netter in the Gloaming, originally uploaded by Novantae.

Haaf-net fishing involves walking out into the murky Solway water with a netted frame and waiting for a fish to swim into it. The net is then flipped up, the fish taken out, knocked on the head with a wooden ‘mell’ (club) and then popped into a bag slung over the fisherman’s shoulders. The men go out in all weathers and stand in the water for hours.