Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Northern Lights - Barassie Beach

"Shot from 11.05pm till 1.22am July 15 - 16, 2012.

Aurora arrived from the West thought it might due to the sun's high position just now, never quite had the camera positioned in the correct spot and missed a lot of the action directly North after it kicked off, had told myself not to move the camera to often after I had picked my spot kinda kicking myself I hadn't set the two D300's up running timelapse in different directions, leaving one back at the house, still pretty chuffed to have caught it again and so close to Summer Solstice.

Watch the plane trail as it drifts over the very first shafts appear these were visible to the eye though at this point I did think I was just seeing things!" (Mark Ferrier)

Oban in the Gloaming

Oban by seeareelem
Oban, a photo by seeareelem on Flickr.

The Old Pier, North Berwick

"I associate fresh cool colors for a gloaming sunrise. And connect with morning mood a light ground fog. Thanks to the ND filter here, I was able to create such a mood."