Monday, 11 November 2013

Glasgow Illuminations

Glasgow Illuminations by Janbro
Glasgow Illuminations, a photo by Janbro on Flickr.

Pentlands in Evening Light

Pentlands in Evening Light by svensl
Pentlands in Evening Light, a photo by svensl on Flickr.

"Bert and I went up Allermuir Hill for our evening walk and the sunset was just stunning. I wonder for how much longer we can enjoy views like this as big chunks of Edinburghs' greenbelt are being allowed to be developed into massive housing estates." – Sven

Glen Shee 30 October 2013

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Waverley Station & North Bridge, Edinburgh

Sunset on the Crest

Sunset on the Crest by Duncan_Smith
Sunset on the Crest, a photo by Duncan_Smith on Flickr.


Shira by brownrobert73
Shira, a photo by brownrobert73 on Flickr.

"The Loch Shira arrives at Largs on a cold November evening from it's hazardous trip from Cumbrae. It had to fend off the Millport Marauders - the equivalent of the Somali raiders - before it could berth." – Robert Brown