Thursday, 13 December 2012

Custard Sunrise

Custard Sunrise by Traigh Mhor
Custard Sunrise, a photo by Traigh Mhor on Flickr.

Gairloch, Highlands, Scotland.

Roses Are Red

Roses are red by SwaloPhoto
Roses are red, a photo by SwaloPhoto on Flickr.

From the pier/breakwater at Pittenweem looking back along the Firth of Forth towards St Monans. Taken about 45 mins after sunset. No filters.


Simplicity by Ben-e-boy
Simplicity, a photo by Ben-e-boy on Flickr.

Broughty Ferry, Angus, Scotland.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Old Man of Storr, Winter Sunrise

Alarm for 0530 (isn't landscape photography easy in the winter!), bite to eat and out the door of the B&B by 0615. A 30mph crawl on roads of sheet ice to park up at 0630. Pile on the layers, hats, gloves and head torch and head up the path to the old man. On the way up query the torch lights at the top of the hill, the only car in the car park had snow on it so these fools had either camped or been up there a while - and it wasn't exactly the weather for sauntering around on a mountain. Get to the top around 0730 nod at the three photographers already set up (what's that about remote?) and scramble up the side of the icy cliff face to get to a position where each of the points of the old man were separated from each other.

Nowhere to put my bag, my legs or my tripod so a sort of crevice straddling tripod setup and my legs as a bag holder I managed to get my camera out and attempt to put some filters on (Lee 0.6 Hard) without them blowing away to Mull. Marvel at how windy and blooming cold it was and wait for some clouds to roll into the top of the frame. Brrr!

Conditions in the sky weren't ideal, a band of clouds on the horizon and very little overhead. Eventually a few clouds came overhead to sit at the top of the frame but by this time I was struggling to move my hands never mind my fingers and I was concerned my next fumble would send my tripod and camera to its death. So I admitted defeat and scrambled down to a slightly more sheltered spot where the Storr merges into 3 peaks. I couldn't find a sheltered spot I was happy with the view from, I thought the sun looked like it was likely to break through the clouds but there was now no clouds overhead and I couldn't face climbing back up to my freezing cold spot from earlier. So I headed back to the car watching the rays of sun beaming out the clouds wishing I'd put on a few more layers.

– Alasdair McIntosh

Ruin at Sunset

Ruin @ sunset by Stuart-Low
Ruin @ sunset, a photo by Stuart-Low on Flickr.

Powmill, Scotland.

Theres nowt better

theres nowt better by tom fincher
theres nowt better, a photo by tom fincher on Flickr.

Theres nowt better in photography terms, as far as I'm concerned, than getting up and heading to the coast for a sunrise.
It's dark when you leave, so you've no idea what the clouds are like, the tide is always on the move and the light is constantly changing, and when that sun peeks over the horizon the morning changes yet again...and then you take a moment, you look around and it feels like you've the world to yourself. Awesome. But then you look down and your feet are soaked, but you dont care.

This is sunrise on 1st December from Montrose with Scurdieness Lighthouse in the distance."

– Tom Fincher

Monday, 10 December 2012


Clydesdale by scott masterton
Clydesdale, a photo by scott masterton on Flickr.

"This is a sculpture of a Clydesdale Horse named the 'Heavy Horse' by Andy Scott. It is a well known artwork in Scotland situated beside the M8 motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh for all the passing vehicles to see. At night it is lit up. It is made out of galvanised steel.

This was the first time I've been up close to it... it's impressive from far away but up close even more is so life like." – Scott Masterton

Lochan na h-Achlaise

Lochan na h-Achlaise by jonnywatt
Lochan na h-Achlaise, a photo by jonnywatt on Flickr.

Bridge to Nowhere Dunbar East Lothain